1993 Ferrari F40 LM

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  • 2,174 Miles
  • Twin Turbo V8 – 785BHP
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Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Ferrari Model: F40
Model Variant: LM
Exterior Color: Rosso Corsa
Interior Color: Bare
Current Mileage: 3,500KMs (2,174 miles)
Chassis #ZFFGX34X000097881
Engine #016
Engine Capacity/Power: 2.9 liter, 4-valve, Twin-turbo V8 Type F 120 B / 785BHP
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Top Speed: 229MPH
Designer: Pietro Camardella with Aldo Brovaroneat of Pininfarina and Chief Engineer Nicola
Materazzi for Ferrari
Limited Series: #16 of 19
Production Order: #16 of 19
Parent Company: FIAT
Public Debut: 1989 IMSA Laguna Seca event
Predecessor: F40
Successor: F50
Years Produced: 1989 – 1995
Examples Produced in This Color: 19
Examples Produced in This Interior Package: 19
Examples Produced for U.S.: 0
Total Production: 19
Books & Tools: Yes
CarFAX: No

Ferrari F40/LM #97881, the 16th of only 19 F40/LMs built. This F40/LM was built new in
European GTC specifications and was quoted by Michelotto, when delivered to the first owner, at a
staggering 785BHP.

The Ferrari F40, the name alone makes grown men weak in the knees. Second in the line of Ferrari
Supercars, supplanting the 288 GTO, and built to compete in the market place against Porsche’s
brilliant 959 as both companies were eager to demonstrate the
technology they were gaining in racing at the time into their production lines.

Unlike, the 959 which Porsche raced only sparingly as the 961, Ferrari had success racing the F40
for several years (as the F40/LM) in sports car racing, mainly in Stephane Ratel’s BPR Global GT
Series (rebranded FIA GT) and in the IMSA GTO category entered by Ferrari of France with top
drivers such as Jean Alesi, Jacques Laffite, Michele Ferte and Hurley Haywood in selected events

In Michelotto LM spec, the twin-turbocharged Ferrari V8 Type F 120 B was uprated to more than
785BHP using enlarged turbochargers, bigger intercoolers, and a better Weber-Marelli fuel injection
system. Utilizing technology learned from the Group B 288 GTO Evoluzione development, it also had a
stiffer chassis, an upgraded transmission, better brakes and altered exterior aero equipment. Rated
at about 2,350 pounds, it was one of the fastest cars on the planet at the time.

Still seen by many as the ultimate Ferrari, the F40 has enjoyed a long ride atop the motoring
world’s many lists of all-time favorite cars and the F40/LM is the ultimate development of the
original road-going version.

Originally, three F40/LM chassis were prepared and two were used in races. The first two cars,
#79890 and #79891 raced while the third, #88521 was built as a spare which stayed with Michelotto
but never officially raced.

The first official competition came in 1989 when the F40/LM made its racing debut at the
International Motor Sports Association’s (IMSA) Laguna Seca Raceway (now Weather Tech Raceway)
GTO/GTU round for modified performance cars and driven by former Ferrari F-1 great Jean Alesi,
ultimately finishing third.

As Hurley Haywood remembered of the F40/LMs at the time, “It’s either podiums or DNF” as when the
cars finished, they were usually on the podium or would fail to finish. In the 1990 IMSA GTO series
the F40/LM’s best finishes included three second-places and one third-place accounting for their
best results.

The F40/LMs did not return to IMSA in 1991 but did make appearances in important European series
such as BPR Global GT Series and Japanese Grand Touring Championship (JGTC) with the most
significant finish being an overall win in the 1994 4 Hours of Vallelunga BPR event.

In 1995, the numbers of active racing F40/LMs increased to four, developed independently by
Pilot-Alxis Racing and Strandell, winning at the 4 Hours of Anderstorp and appearances at Le Mans.
While no longer really competitive against an army of new McLaren F1 GTRs and Porsche bi-turbos in
the BPR, F40/LMs made appearances through 1996 and scored another win at Anderstorp along the way.

Ownership History.

1993 Delivered to Ferrari North America.

1993, 6 Aug., delivered new to Ed Wettach, Jackson, Mississippi, USA.

1997, 8 Apr., as per Ed, the IMSA cars were 700hp and his is quoted by the factory at 785hp!

1998, 03 Jan., for sale in Ferrari Market Letter Volume 23, no.1, by Mike Sheehan. Sorted and ready
to go. Ferrari trades considered. Priced to sell. Half page display ad.

1998, 31 Jan., listed for sale in FML Volume 23 no 3. by Mike Sheehan, half page display ad.

1999, 3 Sept., sold to Tony Raftis, (Melbourne, Australia).

1999, 09 Oct., flown to Melbourne Australia on Quanta’s, flight 7556. Shipping

1999, 04 Nov., shown and demonstrated at the FCA (Ferrari Club Australia) National meeting track
day at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Red/black.

2000, sold to Gil Mathews (Australia)

2000, 29 Feb., shown and demonstrated at Phillip Island GP circuit. Red/black.

2000, 8 July, shown and demonstrated at Phillip Island, Ferrari Club of Australia track day.
2000, 17–21 Oct., shown and demonstrated at the Ferrari Club of Australian National Rally,
Canberra. Red/black. Unregistered. Victoria.

2001, 24–25 Feb., shown and demonstrated at Phillip Island Circuit Concours, Australia. Red.

2002, 18 Feb., e–mail from Scott Davis to telaio:
Subject: Re: F50GT1 S/N 003
I believe that Noske lapped Phillip Island in the F40LM at around 1 minute 32 seconds. The 360
Challenge cars go around in about 1 minute 42 seconds. I think the lap record is 1 minute 22
seconds; but I am not entirely sure on that.
2002, 24 Feb., per D. Duigan, this car was at the Phillip Island Classic Motor Races. 2006,
September, on consignment
During its stay in Australia s/n 97881 had a full cosmetic restoration by Ferrari Australia.

2008, the car was bought by Stéphane Ratel (France), well known in the sport cars world, and
founder of BPR and FIA GT, through Michel Mhitarian. The car has been fully revised by Michelotto.
S.Ratel drove the car two times, first at Le Castellet for a test and in GT 90 round at

2009, March, Christian Chavy a French gentleman driver bought the car and
participated to the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge in 2009 including the world final in Valencia
, Spain .
The car had a full service done and new clutch The car is equipped with 2 set of wheels.

2012 sold to present owner

It was the last GTC LM built and was made for Le Mans specs with Le Mans gearing – top speed 378

Michelotto made only 4 F40/LM to the Le Mans GTC specs on a total of 19 LM – 20 considering the

The first GTC is in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

Power in race mode is 785 HP 2,35 bar, for qualifying 850BHP 2,5 bar.

Track Appearances.

2009/jun/05-07Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Le Vigeant Christian Chavy #114

2009/jun/05-07Sport & Collection – 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer, Val de Vienne Christian Chavy
2009/sep/04-06Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Brno Christian Chavy #114
2010/jun/04-06Sport & Collection – 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer, Le Vigeant Christian Chavy
2011/jun/04 Sport & Collection – 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer,
Le Vigeant #104 2011/oct/15-12/apr/08 – displayed at Ferrari Exhibition Pantheon, Basel, CH

201. – Jean-Pierre Clement, F

2013/may/31-jun/02 Sport & Collection, 500 Ferrari Contre Le Cancer, Le Vigeant Jean-Pierre Clement
2019/apr – ………………………., MEX

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