During the early 1980s US based auto enthusiasts suffered a horrible dilemma. The Enviromental Protection Agency and the Division of Transportation (EPA/DOT) made it impossible to import and own some of the greatest European exotic cars produced at the time.

Lamborghini American Specification

Lamborghini USA Bumper Spec Parts Number

Lamborghini American Specification

Factory Fuel Injection system for USA Spec Lamborghini Countach 2 Valve.

The current importer Joe Nastasi of Lamborghini North America contacted J/T and immediately started converting european spec cars. Buyers flocked to buy these cars and Lamborghini took notice.

It was soon that Ras and Trefor would design a system for Automobili Lamborghini that would be produced by the factory as a FACTORY specification USA Lamborghini Countach.

Most Lamborghini owners know that Lamborghini started making the 1986 Lamborghini Countach 500S Quatrovalve / QV with large rubber bumpers and massive fuel injection plentums. What most owners do now know, and even some experts is that Lamborghini actually produced a handful of factory 1984/1985 Countach 5000S 2 valve cars.

These cars were the FIRST and extremely rare. There is an argument as to how many? Some say 12, others as many as 37.