When I evaluate an organization, I ask myself two simple questions:
1) Are they knowledgeable, hardworking and talented? and
2) Are they morally good people who implicitly will want to do the right thing for me?

The answer to both questions as it relates to CURATED is 1,000 percent YES.
John Temerian and his CURATED Team are intimately familiar with vintage supercars, and they are the country’s preeminent authority for Lamborghinis. More importantly, they have a deep culture of family that starts at the top with John Temerian, and it travels down to all of their associates. I know they only hire those who match that caring culture and work well within their growing team.
Their goal is to make me satisfied, and they have succeeded. I am grateful to be part of their extended family, and as a proud client, I have transacted more than a dozen cars with them over the past several years.

–Doug Cohen

CURATED is a family…

John and his whole team are 100% customer service oriented!!

They completed a full restoration of my F50#001. The attention to detail and originality was incredible. The quality of the work was as good or better than the Ferrari factory. The team of mechanics is second to no one. They answer all questions and are constantly giving updates. The team is personal, professional and passionate about the work they do. Their knowledge of Ferrari and Lamborghini is legendary. They have done work on my Lamborghini Countach to keep it in perfect running condition and they are completing a Lamborghini Diablo SVR project for me. They are also restoring a GEMBALLA Cyrus for me. In addition, CURATED has completed a full restoration on my Ferrari mondial cabriolet which is perfect. On the sales side, they found me the perfect Senna for the best price. They are committed to keeping customers forever when it comes to sales and service!! No one time sales for customers!! In today’s world, CURATED is the best of the best for sales and service for legendary supercars.

Their countach rally last year was a memorable experience with great friends and collectors. Go into their showroom and see $20 million dollars of collector cars…go into their service area and see supercars that you will never see in a lifetime. CURATED is an experience like no other in the car world!!

–Dennis Crowley

Stephen was awesome to talk to last time I was in, a very rare talent and knowledge well beyond what even someone with good google-fu can find. Definitely one of the top talents out there.


I’m very proud of our group, we MADE HISTORY by driving the most challenging cars on these roads. We managed to bring all cars back unharmed and mostly without breakdowns. It’s amazing! Preparation + skill + sanity + a little bit of luck.


Hi Everyone… Nizette and I are about to head out. We had an absolutely amazing time the last few days. Thank you to the whole Curated Team and the Horse Shoe Farm!! We have a a 9 hr drive ahead of us. If you are ever in Colorado for a cruise or want to do some offshore fishing out of Cape Canaveral then ping us! It was great to meet everyone!

–Doug Almond

Great video! John you have a fantastic team! I have personally interacted with Barton and Nandina and they were beyond helpful. They went out of their way to get me in touch with some people to help document a Urraco I was looking at, which isn’t even a card you deal with, and they went out of their way to help and were beyond helpful. Fantastic group of people at Curated!


Killlllllller weekend. Having a major major withdrawal now. I think it blew all of our expectations out of the water… @johntemerian @wearecurated @nandhushky @brookegerman @thehoreeshoefarm +++ everyone involved and as Albert said… the people. So thankful to be a part of a dream weekend.

–Ryan Friedman

Thank you CURATED for putting together such and amazing event!!

So Many special cars, true enthusiasts, and new friends.


Thanks so much to the curated family for making this weekend awesome. It was so awesome hanging out with everyone!! Looking forward to seeing everyone for dinner drinks and cigars!!


What you’ve shared, the history, the uniqueness, the fun, and everything that makes these cars special and meaningful to the automotive manufacturing industry has brought me joy and excitement, and I just want to say thank you! I look forward to seeing you again at different events, and just wanted to encourage you all to keep doing what you’re doing, keeping this dream alive for yourselves, and inspiring the dream for so many other people!

–Chris Nelson

“One of the highlights of my trips home to Miami is going by CURATED at night on my scooter to look at all of the beauties I dream about.”

–Eddie Irvine

Curated Team is THE BEST!! I know we all are going to stay in touch through this chat and other means and future rallies! Love everyone in the group! The only question on my mind tomorrow morning will be… WAS THIS REAL.


Great time had everyone! As owner of @goldrushrally and @fuelrun I will have to say that this rally ran absolutely smooth and everything was top notch! So well done!

–Fred C