The Significance of the Ferrari Challenge Series

In the early 1990s Ferrari created a gentleman racing series for its 348 model types. Since then, the Ferrari Challenge series evolved into an essential part of Ferrari culture and Ferrari road cars. The Challenge series (and Corsa Cliente) are fundamentally the company’s research and development for all future models.

Ferrari Challenge was the closest form of modern racing reminiscent of the original sports car racing of the 1960s. Essentially, the Ferrari 348 and Ferrari F355 Challenge cars were street cars made to race on the weekends.

Originally, Ferrari would send authorized dealers crates that included an OMP roll bars, OMP racing seats, Speedline magnesium 18” wheels, an OMP fire extinguisher and other parts to be installed by dealers to road cars, but in 1994 Ferrari started producing factory Challenge series cars.

The first factory produced cars were the 348. Ferrari made less than 50 factory built Ferrari 348 Challenge cars before ending production in 1995.After much success supported by well-known millionaire and billionaire Ferrari clients, Ferrari continued the series with the F355 in 1995, F360 in 1999 and F430/458 models.

Challenge cars have a special place in my heart, as they have always allowed the passionate but amateur enthusiast a place in the racing world. I recently restored the former Ferrari of Washington 1995 Ferrari 355 Challenge and Curated recently purchased the former Kevin Crowder Ferrari of Houston 1994 Ferrari 348 Challenge.

While some Challenge cars have titles and some are arguably road legal, these cars are an amazing part of Ferrari history that will be worth BIG money one day.

The Ferrari 348/355 Challenge cars are the last examples of factory built street/track cars that can be driven from the race track home and don’t need a pit crew to support the car.

Ferrari Challenge 348 and F355 Specification Types

  • 1994 Ferrari 348 Challenge Factory – 32TB 12TS Produced (Roll Cage Mounts Welded at the Factory)
  • 1993-1994 Ferrari 348 Challenge (Created with Dealer Installed Genuine Kit 1993-1994)
  • 1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge (Rare Pre-OBII Cars with Title)
  • 1995-1999 Ferrari F355 Challenge (Created with Dealer Installed Genuine Kit)
  • 1996-1999 Ferrari 355 Challenge (OBDII Fay Cars with Roll Cage)


Ferrari Challenge Champion List

  • 1993- Derek Hill – 348 Challenge Champion
  • 1994- John Marconi – 348 Challenge Champion
  • 1995- Peter Sachs – F355 Challenge Champion, George Robinson – 348 Challenge Champion
  • 1996- Steve Earle – F355 Challenge Champion, Jim Kenton – 348 Challenge Champion
  • 1997- Tom Papadopoulos – F355 Challenge Champion
  • 1998- Tom Papadopoulos – F355 Challenge Champion, Steve Earle – Endurance Challenge Champion
  • 1999- Steve Earle – F355 Challenge Champion, Steve Earle – Endurance Challenge Champion
  • 2000- Steve Earle – 360 Challenge Champion, Christian Briggs – F355 Challenge Champion, Ron Adams – Endurance Challenge Champion
  • 2001- Lucio Nicolodi – 360 Challenge Champion, Philip Shearer – F355 Challenge Champion, Kevin Crowder – Endurance Challenge Champion
  • 2002- Darius Grala – 360 Challenge Champion
  • 2003- Jim Kenton – 360 Challenge Champion
  • 2004- Emmanuel Anassis – 360 Challenge Champion
  • 2005- Emmanuel Anassis – 360 Challenge Champion
  • 2006- Emmanuel Anassis – F430 Challenge Champion, Mike Louli – 360 Challenge Champion
  • 2007- Mike Zoi – F430 Challenge Champion
  • 2008- Roberto Fata – F430 Challenge Champion
  • 2009- Mark McKenzie – F430 Challenge Champion
  • 2010- Enzo Potolicchio – F430 Challenge Champion
  • 2011- Enzo Potolicchio – 458 Challenge Champion, Christopher Ruud – F430 Challenge Chanpion
  • 2012- Onofrio Triarsi, Jr. – Trofeo Pirelli 458 Challenge Champion, Damon Ockey – Coppa Shell 458 Challenge Champion
  • 2013- Onofrio Triarsi, Jr. – Trofeo Pirelli 458 Challenge Champion, Marc Muzzo – Coppa Shell 458 Challenge Champion