1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge


Model: 355
Production Order: #18,111
Successor: 360 Challenge

The Ferrari F355 Challenge was second in the series of single-make gentleman
driven examples as seen at some of the world’s most important race tracks as support
series. The 355 Challenge replaced the 348 Challenge as the series standard-bearer in

This 380 horsepower F355 Berlinetta is equipped with solutions learned in Formula 1,
Ferrari was reborn in 1994 after the unfortunate experience with the 348. V8 naturally
aspirated engine, top speed of almost 190MPH, acceleration from 0 to 62MPH in 4.7
seconds along with the eventual debut of the paddle shift gearbox implemented in a
road car.

Mechanically, Ferrari relied on its experience in Formula 1 unlike ever before.
Electronic injection, sequential gearbox and suspension with electronically controlled
shock absorbers, adjustable from the passenger compartment to two different modes,
Normal and Sport all found their way from F-1 to the Ferrari road-going cars.

Just over 11,300 of the F355 road cars were built and sales success was overwhelming,
driven by the Berlinetta, followed by the GTS, Spider and limited series Fiorano

The Challenge version deserves a separate mention, designed exclusively to participate
in the single marquis, gentleman driver Ferrari Challenge Series across Europe and
North America.

The F355 Challenge motor was so strong that the racing version only included some
minor modification to the exhaust system and clutch and nothing else per the rules.
The characteristics of the V8 remained unchanged, from the road to the track. The
Challenge Series versions were fitted with required safety and performance
enhancement kits installed by the various dealer teams as mandated by the rules.

Ferrari Challenge required component kit installed into client cars by dealer teams was
more substantial than predecessor 348 Challenge with the engine, gearbox and shock
absorbers sealed with special tags to prevent unauthorized modifications. The $30,000
factory to dealer kit included:
• Roll-cage
• Racing bucket seats
• Safety harnesses
• Fire extinguisher
• Engine cut-off switch
• Manual radiator fan control and
upgraded fans
• Competition steering wheel
• Lightweight exhaust
• Rear wing
• Competition clutch
• Upgraded 14″ Brembo brakes
(carried over from the F40)
• 18″ Speedline magnesium wheels
• Pirelli racing slicks
• Solid suspension bushings and
competition springs
• Front and Rear brake cooling ducts
• Challenge black perforated rear
grille (halfway through the 1995
season to get extra air through the
• Lightened front bumper
• Front and rear tow hooks

This Ferrari F355 Challenge is one of the few example that raced and then was
registered for road legal use, with a regular license plate, returned in the standard
configuration a part from some racing equipment that remained unchanged.

The 355 Challenge’s bodywork and mechanicals are in very good condition and the
engine has been regularly serviced. The leather interior over red carpeting is in near
perfect condition. The car retains it’s original dashboard with all control dials are in
working order.

This 355 Challenge is fitted with Speedline Corse racing alloy wheels and has been
regularly registered.

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