1993 Bugatti EB110 SS Prototype

  • 2,113 Miles
  • One of 5 prototype SS cars
  • Currently fitted with the engine that set the top speed record for the world of 342kph
  • $Price on request

Year: 1993
Manufacturer: Bugatti
Model: EB110
Model Variant: SuperSport (SS)
Exterior Color: Grigio Chiaro Interior Color: Black
Current Mileage: 2,113
Version: Euro
Chassis #ZA9BB02E0PCD39006
Engine #0026
Engine Capacity/Power: 3.5 liter, 4-valve, Quad-Turbo V12 / 603BHP
Transmission: 6-speed manual AWD
Top Speed: 220MPH
Designer: Marcello Gandini (prototype styling), Giampaolo Benedini (production styling)
Paolo Stanzani, Tecnostile (prototype Chief Engineering), Nicola Materazzi (Production Chief
Limited Series: 1 of 31 SS – 1 of 3 SS Prototypes
Production Order: SS 06
Parent Company: Bugatti Automobili S.p.A.
Public Debut: 1992 Geneva Motor Show Predecessor: NA
Successor: Veyron
Years Produced: 1991 – 1995
Examples Produced for U.S.: 0
Total Production: 31 Books & Tools: Yes CarFAX: No

Commemorating the 110 anniversary of the birth of Ettore Bugatti. Chassis details Manufactured
in 1993. First owner Bugatti Automobili S.p.A. Appearances: 2018 Retromobile. Most recent
auction(s). 2018 RM Sotheby’s Paris (€1,152,500). Twin
tank single filler system, carbon fibre engine cover and revised gear selector.

The EB110 chassis ZA9BB02E0PCD39006 is one of the five prototypes manufactured for the development
of the Super Sport version. This prototype was mainly affected to body development. This special
EB110SS was manufactured in the first half of 1993, but first only as a carbon frame assembled with
the roll cage, without any mechanical part. In April 1993, the car was sent to France, in the UTAC
structure, for non destructive homologation tests.

June 1993 : the car was completed as two wheel drive and equipped with a special engine (n°009),
for fuel consumption homologation test . Then, the engine n°009 was removed and a standard 4WD
system was installed in the car.

The prototype SS39006 was used for the US version development and received the interconnected fuel
tanks, with a twin tank single filler. The single filler system was developed to overcome the
problem that blighted most other EB110 owners, as their cars were fitted with the standard twin
tank, twin filler system.

This system was set up as two individual systems, each supplying fuel to one bank of the V12
engine. In simple terms, it meant that if you ran one tank dry of fuel, the car would only run on 6
cylinders, even though the car may have a full tank on the other side. Therefore, Bugatti developed
with this linked system, which eradicates this issue and this prototype was manufactured with this
new system.

So, the right hand fuel filler and its flap were removed, and the retractable plate was replaced by
a Naca air intake integrated in the right side wall. Rear side markers were positioned on the side
of the rear bumper.

The exceptional feature of the prototype SS39006 is its engine, the n°026 (built in April 1992),
previously fitted in the prototype C7 (GT39006), the engine of the speed world record in 1992
(342.7 km/h).
This Super Sport was retained at the Bugatti factory as a Prototype for addressing any ongoing
issues that may of arisen with owners cars, which the factory would then look for suitable
solutions using this vehicle, to come up with modifications, which could then be implemented to new
production vehicles.

This Prototype 39006 has several factory modifications not evident on other EB110’s.

• Twin tank single filler system
• Carbon fibre engine cover
• Revised gear selector

This prototype vehicle was kept by Bugatti Automobili SpA and remained at the factory while the
company hit financial woes in 1995 and was sold at the bankruptcy.

2009, Dec:
The car was pictured in the Marin De Rijn Collection in the Netherlands. Cars of this private
collection are generally very discrete and their outings remain exceptional.

This may explain why it took so many years to identify the prototype SS39006.2014 :

Five years later, the car was then seen in the Netherlands, with its hybrid rear bumper between US
and European specification (side reflectors from US version but central reflector from European
one). This outing was a harbinger that the car was changing hands.

The prototype SS39006 is for sale at Pastorelli Classics in Kwintsheul near Rotterdam
(Netherlands). The car is announced as a standard Supersport model, a second hand with 3200 km on
the odometer.

2015, Feb 28th :
The car was sold in UK to its current owner. SS39006 was then stored at the Pastorelli Classics
workshop for a quick inspection, before its shipment to UK, via the HR Owen supervision.

2015, March 19th :
The car was briefly exhibited at the Jack Barclay showroom in London. The car is perfectly shaped
as a production Supersport model and is announced with 3,300kms on the clock.

June 2015 : The Wilton Classic and Supercar (UK)

The car, licensed in UK (L9BUG) is on display on the grass of the Wilton Castle for a supercar

September 2015 : Salon Privé (Blenheim Palace, UK)

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