1981 Ferrari 512BB

  • 11,000 Miles
  • Original Argento
  • Tan Interior
  • $Sold

This incredible survivor Ferrari 512BB has been sitting in an airplane hanger for over 25 years in Reno, Nevada. Untouched, unadvertised and never shown by its original owner. It was originally imported into the USA by Ferrari Compliance Inc when new. Its original owner was a Reno, Nevada land baron who converted the family cattle farms into large land developments.

The car comes complete with its original books, spare tire, complete tool box and period Escort radar and Reagan-omics cassette tapes.

The original paint shows incredibly well, all signs of “crows feet”, checking and fading are polishing away during paint correction process. There are no signs of paintwork or accidents and the body is very straight. There are a few signs of bubbling/pitting in the satin black finish on top of the engine bay.

The headlights, taillights and all of the glass are original and have no cracks or issues. The original Ferrari stickers and logos still affixed to windshield, etc.

The interior is very well preserved! The steering wheel and shift knob are in excellent condition. The headliner is almost perfect, with no signs of tears or fingerprints. The seats are still supple and need only minor cleaning. All of the switches, buttons and dials appear to be in working order. There is a small sign of pulling on the dash pod stitching, which we believe can be fixed!

The car currently has its DOT added front bumper and DOT side marker lamps. We plan to remove the front bumper.

The entire engine bay is very well preserved considering its age. A few fuel lines have been replaced but with the exception of 4-5 incorrect hose clamps the engine looks as if it was never touched by any mechanic. The zinc plating and other factory coatings are still apparent but slowly fading due to age, showing an honest patina.

We were planning to replace all of the coolant hoses, fuel lines, belts and rebuild the carburetors. This would allow us to start and run the vehicle, allowing the next owner to decide IF they wanted to leave the car as a preservation vehicle or start to complete a mechanical restoration.

Considering the cars long term storage we find it to be a great example! This is far from a barn find and would rate it as follows;

Paint 7.5

Interior 8.5

Overall Preservation 8

Pricing includes all work described.

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