1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 "Daytona"

  • Azzurro Dino
  • Concours quality
  • Classiche certified
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Year: 1971
Manufacturer: Ferrari Model: 365
Model Variant: GTB/4 Daytona Coupe
Exterior Color: Azzurro Dino
Interior Color: 2-tone blue
Current Mileage: 63,345
Version: U.S.
Chassis #14173
Engine Capacity/Power: 4.4 liter, 2-value, Tipo 241 Colombo V12 / 347BHP
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Top Speed: 174MPH
Designer: Leonardo Fiovaranti for Pininfarina
Limited Series: 1 of 1,284
Parent Company: FIAT S.p.A./Ferrari
Public Debut: 1968 Paris Auto Salon
Predecessor: 275 GTB/4
Successor: 365 GT4 BB
Years Produced: 1968 – 1973
Examples Produced in This Color: 8
Total Production: 1,284
Books & Tools: CarFAX: No

Etc. Classiche certified.
In the racing world, the word Daytona conjures up certain images, many related to the famous high
speed banked oval in Daytona Beach, Florida, scene to important races such as the Daytona 500 and
24 Hours of Daytona, to name a few.

But, to Ferraristi, Daytona only means one thing, the iconic Ferrari 356 GTB/4, the design which
completely revolutionized the motoring world on its debut at the 1968 Paris Auto Salon, setting the
design standard for other manufactures to follow for the
next three decades as it was easily one of the most imitated cars in history.

The Daytona name was not given to the car by decree from Maranello, rather it was more of a tribute
to Ferrari’s astounding success winning the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona with the legendary 330 P4s
finishing 1-2-3. This important victory was captured in one of the most iconic racing images of all
time as all three cars took the checkered flag line abreast in a staged finish for the cameras,
taking a page from Ford’s similar finish line photo at Le Mans the previous year, adding to the
Ferrari legend on the high banked American combined oval and road course.

Of course, Ferrari was no stranger to producing front-engined V12 grand touring coupes and
convertible spiders of course having produced classic designs from the 250 California GT, 250 GTO
and 275 GTB/4 and other variants throughout the sixties. With the 365 GTB/4, Pininfarina designer
Leonardo Fiovaranti took the concept to the next level with an eye towards the 1970s, an exciting
new decade was coming, the world was changing and the automotive industry was changing with it. The
Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona was a direct reflection of those times.

While still long and dramatic like its older brothers, the Daytona featured a more modern
streamlined shape starting at the tip of the sharp nose extending to its famous wedge shape and
still very much with a formidable Ferrari presence. Gone were the bulbous pontoon fenders of its
older brothers, in favor of a cleaner streamlined shape to the tapered rear end. No matter what
angle you look at it, the Daytona is as close to automotive design perfection as it gets but still
very much in the great Ferrari and Pininfarina fashion.

Under the hood, Ferrari increased performance carrying over the 275’s Colombo silk smooth alloy V12
engine but increased to 4.4 liters with dual overhead cams and six Weber twin carburetors pumping
out 352BHP and producing that magical V12 sound.. With the engine placed in the front and 5-speed
manual gearbox in the back, the Daytona has near perfect weight balance.

This Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona (#14173) is in it’s original stunning Azzurro Dino (blue) with
matching blue leather interior. A true turn-key car, it comes to us with 63,337 original miles and
needing nothing ready for the lawn for any major Concours d’Elegance or the open road.


Delivered new via Bill Harrah’s Modern Classic Motors, detailed service file dating back decades
including 1980s at Modena Sport Cars of West Hollywod, CA, 1990s at Bobileff Motor Car Company of
San Diego, CA and 2000s at Rod Drew’s Francorchamp’s of America of Costa Mesa, CA, just completed
$170,000.00 servicing, sorting and detailing at Craig Hill’s Top of the Hill Ferrari Service of
Livermore, CA, Borrani wire wheels with Michelin XWX tires, partial owner’s manuals and tool roll,
auxiliary rear air conditioning, matching numbers original engine, originally delivered in Azzurro
Dino with Blue leather and one of only eight Daytona coupes originally built in these colors as
documented by Ferrari historian, Marcel Massini.

Previous Owners:
Skeets Dunn (Ferrari Collector) Rancho Santa Fe, CA 02/2003. John M. Benassi Rancho Santa Fe, CA
William Gillespie (Formula Atlantic Team Owner) Germantown, TN 1983. Rudolph Stoessel (original
owner) Los Angeles, CA 1972.

Bill Rudd competition-spece’d engine (cams, pistons, headers)
Transaxle rebuilt by Bruno; electronic ignition; 8″ front, 9″ rear Borranis; trunk-mounted
auxiliary AC; Ferrari Daytona OEM tool kit; Ferrari Manuals; replacement Alpine XM satellite radio
(Becker Mexico OEM radio retained); recent new brakes, new clutch kit, new headlight motor, new
radiator fans, new AC compressor, flywheel resurfaced and new flywheel ring gear, new rear axle CV
boots, replace/tune Borrani wheel spokes, rebuilt starter motor and new motor mounts.

“At Curated, we do not acquire cars simply for inventory but rather based on what the car is. We
love interesting provenance, very low production, very low mileage, very special and often weird
John Temerian, Jr.
Curated co-founder

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