1977 Lamborghini Silhouette
  • 11,591 original miles
  • Used for Factory Press/Toy Models
  • 1 of 54 produced
  • $SOLD

Rarer than a Lamborghini Reventon?

In 1973, Lamborghini moved into the mid-engined V8 market with the introduction of the Urraco, a 2+2 car which was produced from 1973 until 1979.  Named after a breed of bull, the Bertone designed Urraco was a departure from the better known V12 cars such as the Miura, Espada and Islero.

Based on Urraco DNA, The Lamborghini Silhouette made its public debut at the 1976 Geneva Auto Show featuring what would become signature Lamborghini squared off styling touches, pop-up headlights, removable targa top, mismatched colored engine bonnet cover and the famous “telephone dial” wheels.

The Silhouette had a more aggressive muscular look with very little carried over from its leaner older brother.  The 2+2 layout was dropped in favor of the more conventional two seat arrangement.  Lamborghini power continued with the 3.0 liter V8 mounted transversely, performance was 0-60MPH in 6.5 seconds and 0 to 100MPH in 16.1 seconds and a top speed of 160MPH.

Lamborghini produced the Silhouette P300 in very limited numbers, only fifty-four were ever built and it is thought that only just over 30 remain in existence today.

With only 54 examples produced, (32-34 still remain) Silhouettes are the least produced and perhaps least well known models ever offered by Lamborghini and more often confused with its younger brother, the Jalpa.  This was due more to Lamborghini’s financial issues at the time, not an inherent issue with the cars as evidenced today with Silhouette values holding strong in the market place, Silhouettes check all the boxes for collectability as perhaps the most collectible of the “baby” Lambos.

After years of being hidden away, Lamborghini Silhouette #40026 recently arrived to Curated, showing 18,655KMs, in Red with black exterior trim and original grey interior with original light grey cloth seats.  The aggressive look of the Silhouette is extenuated with a unique front light setup, including stacked white and orange turn signal/parking lights lending to a real rally car appearance, unique to #40026 and only a few other Silhouette examples. Adding to it’s rarity, #40026 was actually the Lamborghini factory Homologation car and was used extensively in factory press pieces and as the inspiration for numerous die cast toy models.

Originally delivered in February of 1977 to Deutche Lamborghini with a unique spoiler lip atop the boot and custom Ronal period wheels.  We still haven’t confirmed the true story of the original wheels and spoiler but were informed by one historian  that they were installed at during delivery at the factory.

Eventually, this Silhouette was then sent to the U.S. where it spent most of its life under the care of the Lamborghini Club President, Mr. Jim Heady.

Today, #40026 is a true, 11,000 mile survivor that appears to be completely original. The paint and interior shows signs of age and patina, but the car comes complete and ready for preservation or full concours restoration.

It current wears gold factory Bravo “telephone dial” wheels on Pirelli P7 tires which are period correct and set off well against the red body. The questionable, period custom Ronal wheels come with the car.

When awakened, the Silhouette produces a muscle car like rumbling sound at low revs which becomes a ground shaking roar at speed, a different sound compared to the bigger output V12s of the time.  The Silhouette is pure fun to drive, its smaller size providing a go-kart like feel, put it on the power anywhere and the car responds very positively.

The Silhouette’s Targa top is easily removable and stowed away behind the seats for full open top driving.

This Silhouette comes with a book full of documentation, copies of the shop and owner’s manual, parts book and receipts.

Visit the Curated showroom in Miami to inspect this rare Lamborghini Silhouette and see for yourself why we are so excited about it!

Top speed 260KMH / 161.2MPH

1976 $27,000 US