1990 Ferrari 348 TS
  • 7,158 miles
  • Two Owners from New
  • Original Paint, Books, Window, etc
  • Asking $87,500

Ferrari’s third evolution of their V8 line was the fabulous 348 which appeared in various forms including coupe, TS (targa) and Spider (convertible) examples coinciding with the death of Enzo Ferrari in 1989.

The 348 was the scion to the phenomenally successful 308 and 328 V8.  Ferrari continued collaboration with styling partner Pininfarina to create a completely fresh design departing from the more angular 308 and 328 mold to rave reviews at its first public appearance at the 1989 Frankfurt Auto Show where it was declared by attending media as “Best in Show”.

Pininfarina borrowed heavily from the design of the 348 from its big brother, the mighty Testarossa, most obviously on the front end and doors, integrating the sloping nose with rectangular pop-up headlights and low air intake with a much lower stance due to the transverse placement of the engine.

Ferrari separated the 348 from its V8 predecessors with a more rounded, fluid shape and dramatic air intakes featuring straking elements on the doors a-la the Testarossa, on towards the rear engine cover and across the tail light section, lending very much to a “junior” Testarossa look throughout.

The 3.4 litre V8 engine is mounted transversely and mated together with the 5-speed manual gearbox which is in a more conventional longitudinal formation.  This allowed Ferrari to create a lower center of gravity and near perfect balance.

Ferrari departed from the lineage of the Testarossa coupes however with the creation of two open top models, the Spider and TS which lent a bit of air and sunlight into the cockpit for customers preferring open top driving, playing very much to the American market where top down driving is a virtual necessity, especially in fair weather climates like California.

Similar to all of the smaller Ferraris dating back to the 246 GT Dinos, the 348 is light and nimble, lending to a real go-kart feel with darty steering and ample power, the driver may stand on the gas just about anywhere initiating instant response from the 3.4 litre, quad cam, four valve V8 engine which produces 300BHP.  So, the name of the game is fun in an easy to handle and affordable package.

In this racy mode, Ferrari created the Ferrari Challenge Series in 1993 and the first generation of which featured 348 Challenge models, basically stock 348 Berlinettas, lightened considerably and converted for racing use with roll cages, fire extinguishers and a racing seat.

The Ferrari Challenge Series was set up for Ferrari clients who wished to go racing without the huge commitments of having a shop, transporters and team of mechanics, more of a arrive and drive type series where paying drivers work with their local Ferrari dealerships running equally prepared cars on the world’s top racing tracks throughout Europe, Italy, North America and Asia.

Further embellishing the 348s racing lineage, Ferrari created the 348 GT Competizione which was similar in nature to the Challenge cars but designed to compete in the world’s GT championships with power boosted to 320BHP with things such as brakes and electronics carried over from its much more formidable cousin, the F40.


This two owner 348 TS came to us from the mid-west and has only 7,159 pampered miles showing on the odometer.  It comes with a dossier of fully documented maintenance and ownership history records.  The car was gone through completely as recently as 2015 when the second owner ordered a full belt service and other items amounting to over $7,000, the car literally needs nothing.

In addition, to an incredible amount of ownership records this stunning 348 example has its original window sticker complete with its original set of second keys.

You just don’t find Ferrari 348 examples preserved like this car. They were treated as disposable transportation, NOT like a collector car. We know this collector quality 348 TS will not be with us at Curated long.

1990 Ferrari 348 TS specifications

VIN: ZFFG36A6L0087190

Mileage:  7,158 miles

One of 2,895 TS models produced total