Lamborghini Diablo SE30


  • 1 of 9 produced in “Lambo Thirty” for USA
  • 1 of 150 produced for the world
  • SOLD

In January of 1995 I was given a ride in Diablo SE30 #11 through the streets of Palm Beach. I’ll never forget this experience. This ride molded my automotive desires forever. 

During the massive Ferrari only event at the Famed breakers hotel, my father and Mr. Marcus drove his brand new metallic purple 1994 Lamborghini Diablo SE30 into the event. As we pulled down the long entrance way, lined with every Ferrari imaginable, it could be argued that the purple Diablo SE30 received more attention than any car produced from Maranello that day.

Somewhat shocking at first, the metallic purple livery iconic with the Diablo SE30 is a special PPG formula created to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Lamborghini. In factory records the color is referred to as “30,” and the technical name is “Lambo Thirty.” Whether you like purple or not, it is had to disagree that the color works remarkably well on the SE form. In the right lighting, the color is downright stunning.

Underneath its skin, the Diablo SE30 is a race car. It was apparent to me 20 years ago when Mr. Marcus aggressively accelerated his car shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear. The vibrations through the carbon fiber cockpit, the apocalyptic exhaust note sounds and the whines of the timing chains… the Diablo SE30 is the ultimate automobile orchestra. All the sounds come together to create something magnificent.

Of the 25 USA Specification Lamborghini Diablo SE30 examples produced less than 10 of the cars were produced in its iconic “Lambo Thirty” purple. Following the notes written on original factory records by my father we have tried to locate almost every USA car.

One of the cars, USA #8, was serviced by my father for many years while it was with its original owner. Around 2008 he helped sell the car to a West Coast based collector/dealer who eventually sold it to a Chicago based Lamborghini collector.

Fate, serendipity, call it whatever you want, we recently got the opportunity to purchase Diablo SE30 USA #8 and bring it back to Florida again!

If you have been following Curated and our purchases, you know this isn’t our first SE30 example to join the collection. This won’t be our last. The SE30 is arguably the most important Diablo ever made and potentially the last with so much Lamborghini DNA.